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Reflexology at Seale Natural HealthEvery client is unique just like every pair of feet are unique, they both have a story to tell. As a reflexologist I aim to work alongside mainstream medicine to promote better health for my clients, below are a few common issues clients come to see me for. 


Reflexology for Stress and Anxiety


Reflexology has been shown to contribute in making it easier to discard the collection of chemical and physical reactions that put you into ‘fight or flight’ mode, putting all your blood and energy into your brain, arms and legs. These chemical reactions can make you feel anxious, increase your stress levels and Reflexology helps to bring that reaction down considerably.



Reflexology for hormone imbalance


Reflexology is all about balance. Too much or too little of any hormone can be harmful to the body, therefore a hormonal imbalance can have a major effect on your mental and physical health.

Symptoms that can be attributed to imbalanced hormones include headaches, acne, mood swings and changing appetite among many others. As a reflexologist I will aim to balance the entire hormone system and allow the body to balance itself out. This usually requires an ongoing series of treatments.


Reflexology for Fertility and Conception


Trying to conceive can bring stress, anxiety and worry, putting a strain on a couple as well as feeling isolated from friends whilst "falling" pregnant takes centre stage. Many clients feel that the treatments have helped them to feel more relaxed and positive in their quest to become parents by calming the hormonal system and encourage their cycles to regularise. 


Reflexology for Pregnancy Support


Reflexology is an excellent way to support pregnant women and helping to maintain a balance during the rapid changes of pregnancy such as morning sickness, or discomforts such as lower back ache, achy joints, swollen feet or digestive disruption. It is a safe and relaxing therapy to use during pregnancy. Having sessions throughout your pregnancy alleviating stress, physical and psychological blocks and fears associated with the birthing is in my view the best approach.


Reflexology for Colds & Flu


Winter colds and flu can leave you feeling run down and exhausted, effecting your daily routines. Many of us will continue living our lives despite of fighting a cold or even sometimes the flu. A targeted Reflexology session may substitute the usual drug and sleep ritual. Chest congestion and pain is often alleviated, as are headaches, muscle pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Reflexology probably won’t create feelings of euphoria but it will likely result in noticeably more tolerable symptoms.


Merel Keuning MAR

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