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The top 5 reasons why looking after your health and wellbeing are essential  especially during winter months, when the clocks have gone back, days feel shorter, the weather feels colder and cold and flu season is among us.

With the colder temperatures and the onset of winter, looking after your own health becomes an increasing challenge we each face. We are, of course, all responsible for protecting our own health as best we can, but that can be easier said than done. You do not, though, have to strive alone or be unsure how you might most effectively look after yourself in the months ahead.

1. Rain and snow. Raking leaves, shovelling paths, outdoor sports, walking or cycling in slippery conditions, these things all put extra stress on our muscles and bodies. Reflexology may help to maintain your muscle flexibility and decrease the chances of injury during the winter season. It can also be of great benefit if you have over done it and pushed yourself to the limit, leaving you with shoulder pain, lower back pain and sore muscles.

2. SAD/Seasonal Affective Disorder. As the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall many people suffer from SAD. Some might not have SAD disorders but feel more lethargic and gloomy during the winter months as the nights are closing in. Reflexology can help to relax your nervous system and give you that boost to achieve a sense of wellbeing.

3. Cold’s and Viruses, cold and flu season is upon us. Reflexology may boost your immune system naturally which is another reason to make Reflexology a regular part of your health care routine year round not just during the winter months. After recovering from a cold or flu, it may be helpful to clear sinuses and get a healthy glow back.

4. Joint pains, with temperatures constantly changing  arthritis has a tendency to flare up and make the joints feel stiffer than usual. The wide ranges in temperature can cause the swelling around inflamed joints, causing more irritation to the surrounding nerves. Having a session of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage may help ease the symptoms.

5. Cold and Dry feet. Being kind to your feet is especially important during the colder months, our feet seem to be out of sight so out of mind and pedicures may even be forgotten until the flip flops come out again. Nurture your feet in winter and they will repay you tenfold in a few months time. Coming in for a restorative session of Reflexology, with hot towels, luscious artisan cream and possibly a scrub will be a treat for your feet and everyone deserves happy feet!

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