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Reiki Healing transfers life force energy to give us a boost.  The same life force energy that is found in trees, plants, animals – all life forms – to charge our battery packs when we are feeling low, help us to release negative unhelpful thoughts, calm our nervous systems and bring about a feeling of well being.   In Japan they use it regularly for physical problems, using it daily in the home.

Sensations experienced during a treatment vary greatly, every session is unique. Hot or cold, tingling, lightness, sleepiness, perhaps emotional, a sense of well-being, deep relaxation may be experienced. Some people feel nothing at the time of the session, but later find they may have increased energy, feel less stressed and of a lighter mood. There are no side effects and it is complementary to any other treatment.

Reiki calms the mind and emotions, usually felt as a warm and gentle feeling creating a deep sense of peace and relaxation, helping us to release negative thought patterns and habits. While receiving Reiki your body pulls the energy in and sends it to areas where the negativity is being held charging this area with positive energy and raising the vibrational frequency. The lower vibration of the negative energy cannot withstand this surge of positive energy and will begin to dissipate. The life force nourishes all parts of our physical body and also flows through energy pathways called Meridians and Chakras.

Unexpressed mental and emotional tension builds up in the body and eventually causes dis-ease, so it important we look after our inner life as well as our physical selves.

Close up of practitioner doing reiki with hands on young woman. Therapist doing healing treatment with hands next to head.

Usui Reiki originated from Japan in the 1920s.  The founder Mikao Usui spent 27 years studying worldwide, from gaining a doctorate in theology in Chicago to studying holy writings in North India.  After further research, meditation and a 21 day retreat when he was touched by a bright light and saw the Reiki symbols.  He evolved a healing system based on ancient Buddhist teachings written in the ancient language of Sanskrit.


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For training in Usui Reiki

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