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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy works on the soft tissues of the body, using a variety of strokes and pressures to increase blood flow around the body. This can stimulate your body’s natural repair systems to heal damaged tissues, remove toxins built up and help to restore the body to health.

Massage can be helpful for;

Relieving muscle tension

Releasing back pain

Anxiety and stress by relaxing the mind and body

Low mood by creating a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem

Promotes positive body awareness and improved body image through relaxation

Aids restful sleep

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage

Single sessions available for 45mins, 60mins or 90mins

Discounts for multiple sessions available

Sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements:

For more information see our Swedish Massage blog

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

£ 50 / 45 minutes

Full Body massage

£ 60 / 60 minutes

Deep Relaxation Massage

£ 80 / 90 minutes

Sarah Rowe  Bsc ITEC CThA

Tel Direct: 07841 823343

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