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Crystal Healing

A crystal healing session is adapted according to the individual needs at the time.  Each stone holds a vibration.  For instance quartz crystal is used in the manufacture of computer chips and watches as it is able to hold power and information.  Modern technology continues to research in this area - more recently in Europe a crystal path has been invented whereby when it is walked upon it creates a spark in the quartz and is collectively used as a local power source.

There is a life force inside us, animals and nature. Crystals have this life force present in different variations. Each stone is used to bring balance to our own life force system and together they help to give us a boost, release heavy energies and cleanse the system.


Options available are:

Opening, activation and balancing of the Chakras

Laying on of the crystals with hands on healing

Crystal grid/array work

Connection to the inner self

Self-limiting belief identification and removal

Cleansing cords & connections to past traumas, negative attachments or people

Clarify and manifest your' conscious desires

Past life and/or inner journey work

Through consultation we can discuss what kind of treatment is best or perhaps a full balance is all that is required.

Maxine is trained in the Melody system of crystal healing and has studied with Judy Hall with her Crystal Oracle cards.  For seven years she taught the Lemurian Crystal attunements course and spent a year creating an online course for everyone to enjoy -


£ 55 / 1 hour

10% off three sessions booked and paid for in advance

50% cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice


Tel Direct: 07930 882586


Free Ocean Healing Meditation
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