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Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage (for Women only) is a specialised massage therapy which focused on the Sacral area (lower back) and the Abdomen (belly area) which are beneficial for a variety of digestive-related complaints such as constipation and may help to ease lower back pain.

Clients report that they find the massage nurturing and supportive.

The session involves a combination of:

Gentle massage technique – to improve blood flow, nerve supply and lymphatic function to the abdomen and sacral areas; to encourage digestive function and ease congestion within the abdomen.

Pulsing – slow rocking of the body to aid relaxation of the muscles and assist realignment of the internal organs.

Rebozo wrapping – which helps to bring alignment to the internal organs, release sacral muscles and support emotional healing.

Energywork – to release any negative emotional charge held within the solar plexus and sacral areas; to rebalance the body energetically for improved health and well being.


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Single session

£ 65 / 60 minutes

Womb Massage Therapy

£ 65 / 60 minutes

Discounts available for multiple sessions

It is recommended to have between 4-6 regular treatments to provide longer term benefits from any massage therapy.

Sarah Rowe  Bsc ITEC CThA

Tel Direct: 07841 823343

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