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Scar Tissue Release

The Scar Tissue Release Technique training is from Alistair McGloughlin -  Bowen Tutor and we have been amazed by the results for various types of scar.

Scars interrupt normal functioning of the body.  Whether through accident or surgery they interrupt the normal function of the fascia system and may lead to problems such as muscular skeletal pain or poor functioning of the internal organs.  Do you find your pain is resolved through therapy only for it to come back?  Or you cannot find a solution to your aches and pains?  Perhaps you have been through a difficult experience and need some help?  Then you may need your scars releasing.

This technique releases the collagen fibers within the scar tissue allowing the area to function normally again:

Reduce pain

Increases blood flow to the area

Revitalises the nerve tissue

Improves lymphatic drainage reducing swelling

Softens the area

Reduces numbness

Reconnects the whole area

May help emotional release

How scars affect normal body functions


The fascia system is a fibrous tissue that surrounds and goes through the muscles, ligaments, tendons and organs, in fact it is found practically everywhere in the body.  Tom Myers – fascia expert says “Research into fascia has shown how it works on many levels as a distributive network.”  So, if that network is broken by scar tissue the body can no longer function to its’ optimum levels.  Tom has mapped out fascia lines which are used throughout the body work industry.  They explain how when there is an issue in one part of the body but the pain is elsewhere it is due to the interruption of that fascia line.

Fascia lines


Throughout our body we have energy pathways called meridians which influence our internal organs, circulation and general body function.  When their flow is interrupted the corresponding organs’ function is impeded.  When the scar is released it can improve the energy flow of the body benefitting overall health.

Examples of scars affecting less obvious pain:

Appendix – Sacro-iliac pain (lower back)

Abdominal – muscular pain, digestive or reproductive system issues

Keyhole surgery

Carpal Tunnel – hand/thumb pain


Muscle Injury

Sometimes there is no skin scar but the muscle is scarred through a tear and is often felt as harder, more fibrous tissue or as a small depression in the muscle.


When to book your session

A scar must be fully healed before the technique can be applied.  Six to eight weeks after the event in normal circumstances, if there is any sign of infection or improper healing another month at least is recommended.  If in doubt ask your doctor.

The session is for half an hour, for one scar.  If there is more than one scar an hour appointment is necessary. Many cases only one session is needed, some may need a second session and a few may need a third especially if there is multiple scarring on the same site.

To book your appointment please call Maxine Crinall BTAA BTPA ITEC MFHT on 01252 246824.


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