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Sarah Rowe

Sarah is a massage therapist and intuitive healer offering nurturing healing for women who are in physical or emotional pain. She passionately believes in the medium of massage as a form of healing which goes above and beyond the commonly assumed one-off pamper session.

The power of touch through the hands can promote physical healing by stimulating the body’s repair systems; it eases emotional burdens by the reassurance of supportive human contact and promotes healing on a spiritual level through intentional alignment with Spirit to intuitively guide Universal healing energy to where it is needed.

Sarah works with women who are going through a life transitions such as change of job, moving home, change in relationships or loss. Using nurturing massage can also help those who have experienced birth trauma, menstrual problems, fertility issues, PND, PCOS and body-image issues.

Emotional pain and trauma can become stuck in the body and may present itself as physical problems. Sarah creates a safe, confidential space to help reduce the pain of the physical symptoms and release the attached emotional pain through massage, energy work and after care exercises.

In her leisure time Sarah enjoys reading, outdoor adventures, camping holidays with her husband and 3 kids and being an active part of her local community as assistant beaver scout leader and annual village show participant.

Therapies available with Sarah: Abdominal MassageFertility MassageIndian Head MassagePregnancy Massage, ReikiSwedish Massage

BSc (Hons) Health & Exercise Science

ITEC in Holistic Massage

Dip. in Pregnancy and Abdominal Massage

Dip. in Fertility Massage

Tel Direct: 07841 823343

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