Return to your Heart

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Return to your Heart

Past experiences can sometimes lead us to close off our hearts. When this happens, our lives become stagnant, messy and we lose touch with ourselves. The first sign that this happens is when we close off our hearts and “love” with the minds. That is to observe, judge and then decide if something or someone is worth loving or not. Instead of loving people for who they are without judging them and what they do, we condition them to be in a certain way to be worthy of our love.

The thing we don’t even realize is that we do this with ourselves first. We condition the love for ourselves and let others to do the same with us, leading to a path of co-dependent relations. It is not right to sacrifice your dreams and desires for another person, nor to ask them to make such sacrifices for you. However, this is a situation that I see quite often and something that I have been through myself.

But for every life challenge there is a solution. When we remove the barriers of the mind and open our hearts we are able to both give and receive unconditional love. This happens when you are connected with your true self. This connection enables you to make conscious and positive life decisions and drop the expectations you place on yourself and others. Because expectations come from the mind, while love can only come from the heart. 

Once you tune into your heart and connect with yourself you can have a deeper understanding for the other people in your life. Only then you can nurture your relationships to grow like a gentle rose bud turns into a majestic rose flower.

For me, Rahanni healing has helped me break the mental barriers and reconnect with my heart. Returning to your heart is not as hard as it seems. In fact, it comes naturally because coming from the place of unconditional love, from you heart, is the natural state of humankind. Meditate upon your heart, touch your heart when you feel drained of love for yourself and others or for deeper healing Rahanni sessions can really help with any deeper blocks you may have. Rest assured that you will be guided to that infinite source of love that dwells within you.

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