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It’s the middle of winter, cold and dark outside with very little daylight, money is tight after Christmas, all in all not the environment to self motivate, yet year after year we still think that this is the best time to set new goals. 

Instead of setting these enormous (sometimes unachievable)  goals, shouldn’t we be much kinder to ourselves and slowly build up to our new goals with gradual changes instead of going in “banzai” with full enthusiasm only to crash and burn after a few months because we decided that “exercising more” meant doing three boot camps a week resulting in frustration and most likely injuries. 

So let’s be kind to ourselves and use January to make a plan of action for your new year resolutions, making realistic achievable goals that can be broken down into smaller targets instead of going in “full guns blazing” and when the days get warmer and brighter implement the changes gradually. 

Depending on the goal that you are setting, be it financial, health or fitness, most of these different industries can be confusing so, why not invest in someone to help you make the right decisions and teach you how to reach your goal more efficiently. Make sure you check their qualifications and the results they have produced so you get the best results possible.

Otherwise find yourself a New Year’s resolution buddy or accountability buddy, someone who inspires you to do more and be more, it’s much more fun to do it together. Be sure to find someone that will be a positive force in your life not a negative one, you don’t want to be drained emotionally and mentally, you want to be motivated and inspired. 

It’s all about maintaining balance, making small positive changes that are sustainable will make you feel better about yourself at a pace that suits you. 

“You are never too old to reinvent yourself” – Steve Harvey. 

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