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The reasons for the destitute state of men's health around the world Mens Healthare numerous and complex, on average men still live shorter lives than women, suffering more from cancer and heart disease. So, it is paramount that men take interest in their health and wellbeing, becoming more confident in recognising the signs and symptoms such as stress and anxiety as well as ailments and acting upon them is a great step towards taking responsibility of your own healthcare needs.

Statistics tell us that women tend to seek out support from complementary treatments more often than men.  In my own practice it shows that there is a greater percentage of female clients on my books compared to men but there has been a huge increase of men in the last year.

Most often men who come in either have been encouraged by their female partners, friends or have been given a gift certificate. Sometimes they are seeking relief from pain or stress when nothing else has worked.  Once men discover that you only need to remove your shoes and socks and realise how deeply relaxing, re-energizing, and restorative reflexology can be, they are sold and become regular clients.

Professor Malcolm Mason, University of Cardiff says the following about complementary therapies on the prostate UK website:

"Finally, complementary therapies and things like reflexology or acupuncture… well people vary, and there are obviously a lot of clinicians who are very sceptical about these things, but there are an increasing number who are fairly broad minded.  In my hospital, patients do have access to reflexology within the hospital and increasing numbers of cancer centres do that sort of thing too. I'm sure that's a good thing for patients."

Reflexology is a straightforward therapy to check out, let's break down the barriers, once you have reflected about your health and well-being, discover the many options you have for preventative/complementary care!

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