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Swedish Massage is the one of the most popular massage treatments. For the first time client there is a great deal of variation in this treatment and without prior experience you could end up with a treatment that could turn you off massage for good.

Each therapists' work has value for the client looking for these specific results but if, for example, you set your expectations for a deep knot releasing massage and ask a beauty therapist you are likely to be unhappy with the outcome.

Spa company experience: Therapists are having to work by the clock, trained in massage techniques to enable them to cover a lot of clients back to back. The technique involves a fair amount of arms, knuckles and elbows work, which protects the therapist but in my opinion the subtle healing and spiritual human connection element is lost. Great for: relaxing and a general pamper session.

Beauty Therapist experience: depending on therapist, mostly on relaxation techniques in a set routine rather than specific knowledge of healing work. One rather brutal massage left me with neck pain for a week from the lack of understanding of anatomy and physiology. Great for relaxing, feeling beautiful and smelling heavenly.

Independent Massage Therapist experience: again there are so much personal variation in training but overall you should be able to expect them to help release specific knot problems in a bespoke treatment, provide relaxation and give aftercare advice. Great for releasing muscle tension, relaxing and fixing bodies.

Speciality Treatments:
Developed from Swedish Massage to focus on specific areas related to the problem areas in question;

- sports massage - very firm massage, works on muscles used in that specific sport or injury
- pregnancy - lower back ache and shoulders
- fertility - abdomen and sacrum

How I work: My style of Swedish Massage is a mixture of techniques and intuition.

I am lead by my heart and through my hands I can connect, listen and interpret what the body is saying. Allowing my intuition to guide me and working in tune with the healing which needs to be received.

My work is on many levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The healing energy will be with you continuing its work long after you have left the treatment room.

The 'healing hands' effect is something any therapist can do but in my experience, this level of healing cannot be felt when the therapist uses elbows, arms or knuckles the majority of time in the treatment. Although these techniques have their uses, for particularly tough knots, they are not where the longer lasting deeper healing work can be given.

In summary, Swedish Massage has a different feel depending on the type of therapist providing the treatment. As a first time client the clearer you are with what you want to achieve from the experience the easier it will be to pick the right therapist for the type of Swedish Massage you need.

Sarah Rowe practices Abdominal MassageFertility MassagePregnancy Massage & Swedish Massage.

To book your appointment please call Sarah direct on: 07841 823343

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