Lemurian Crystal Attunement Workshop

Lemurian Crystal Attunements

Wednesday 16th January 7.30 - 9.30pm

The Lemurians were an advanced, heart based, high vibrational race on the earth before and during the time of Atlantis.  They were originally from another time and space and lived on earth spreading vibrational frequencies of love and understanding throughout the earth.
Their connection with us is being awakened at this time to assist with the raising consciousness of humanity.

In this very special one off workshop you will learn about the Lemurians, receive a Lemurian Attunement, be assigned a Lemurian guide (if you choose to) and 20% off the remainder five weeks Lemurian Crystal Attunements online course.

The online course runs over 6 weeks, a space of a week in between attunements is usually required to integrate the energy, and healing at each stage.  The connection to the Lemurians will then continue to grow; they will assist you in your healing and continuing spiritual development with unconditional love, bringing a stronger connection to the love of universal consciousness.  This connection is assisted by Lemurian seed crystals which will be available to purchase at a discount rate between £5-32 on the workshop, please let us know if you need one to ensure we have enough to go round, thankyou.

Spaces are limited, book early to avoid disappointment.