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Hormone Release with The Bowen Technique can be used for helping to address many symptoms of the reproductive and neurological systems. In modern society there are more factors that disrupt hormones than ever before. From the environment such as pesticides, chemicals in the home, poor nutrition and stressful lifestyles, our hormonal systems have a lot to contend with. There is plenty we can do to help to keep them in balance, for more information please click on this link for our blog Are your hormones controlling you? There is further help with Hormone Release – The Bowen Way, not just for women but for men too.

The Bowen Technique has been reported as being currently one of the fasted growing therapies in Europe. Treatment is gentle and works through the fascia or myofascia.  Recent scientific research has shown release of this web type network literally encourages the body to unravel, release and make corrections, it is closely linked with the nervous system that controls so many of the bodies processes.

For Women

  • Fertility – delay in conceiving
  • During pregnancy and after birth
  • Menopause – Hot flushes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, headaches
  • PMS – Period pain, irregular cycle, breast tenderness
  • Pudendal nerve problems – also for cyclists, restless leg syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance – Endometriosis, pcos, fibroids, thyroid
  • Painful intercourse
  • Pregnancy – Back pain, morning sickness, cramping, depression, pubic symphysis, birth preparation
  • Babies – colic, sleep issues, hip dysplasia, restlessness

For Men

  • Pudendal nerve problems – also for cyclists
  • Erectile dysfunction – loss/low libido, firmer erections
  • Enlarged prostate – frequent urination
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Fertility – support, low sperm count

For Everyone

  • Incontinence/weak bladder/bed wetting
  • Digestive – IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, crohns disease, acid reflux
  • Benefiting – stress, anxiety, posture, flexibility, energy levels, sleep, immune system, performance.

So What is The Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is a soft tissue remedial therapy which is applied by using gentle pressure on specific parts of the body with fingers and thumbs to release, re-align and bring relief. The ‘Bowen move’ is very precise and no two sessions are the same. There is a set of procedures to balance the whole body and many other sets of moves for a whole list of issues.

And how does it work?

Bowen releases the connective tissue in the body, also known as Fascia, myofascia or connective tissue. Fascia is found in and around muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves and even our bones. This system is a body wide fascial network, release of which can help a wide variety of symptoms, muscular skeletal and organic.

What is a Bowen treatment like?

A Bowen treatment consists of a series of precise Bowen moves, usually beginning near the adrenals at the back of the waist. These moves are light and are done on skin or through light clothing. There are essential short pauses between sets of moves while the fascia system releases and the parasympathetic nervous system engages and helps to put the body into a state of deep relaxation.

What do I expect after treatment?

The body can continue to respond to Bowen treatment for several days afterwards (unless interrupted by injury or strong external stimulation, including trauma, heat and bodywork). You are given an ‘After Bowen treatment care’ sheet to help this process which includes advice such as drinking plenty of water.

How many sessions are recommended?

Treatments are spaced 5-10 days apart, 3-4 treatments are recommended for each problem. Factors such as how long the issue has been present and current lifestyle effects the length of treatment. Please ask for further information on the fertility protocol, which is a bespoke treatment plan to help the couple to conceive or support through IVF treatment.

History of Hormonal Bowen -

‘Hormonal release the Bowen Way’ was developed by Australian Bowen Practitioner Trevor Rose. He needed to help his wife through her cancer treatment as she was unable to take the drugs she was prescribed. Trevor worked with a gynaecologist and his wife’s oncologist to create a series of Bowen procedures to stimulate her hormones. The treatments were successful and she went on to live a further 30 years, out living her husband. Inspired with this success Trevor continued to develop, with his colleagues, other procedures for a number of related conditions. For the full story for this link

Maxine was very fortunate to have learnt these special techniques from Ron Phelan, who has taught Bowen for many years in Australia - the home of The Bowen Technique.  He has worked with the original 'Tom Bowen's boys' who learnt from Tom Bowen himself.  He states he feels so fortunate to have permission to teach this most important work, Maxine also feels blessed to be able to practice this form of Bowen, which is rare in the UK.

So don’t just put up with it, if you would like further information contact

Maxine Crinall BTAA BTPA ITEC MNFSH Tel direct: 07930 882586


Facebook – Bowen Technique in Surrey

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