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Usui Reiki I Course

Saturday 2nd September 2023

Would you like to have more energy and be able to give yourself, friends, family and pets Reiki healing?  This Usui Reiki I course begins your Reiki journey with a thorough foundation of knowledge to help you develop as a Reiki Healer or help you along your path of self development.  Reiki training also helps you to release that which no longer serves you and raises your vibration.

The Usui Reiki I course includes:

  • Four Reiki Attunements
  • Comprehensive tuition on how to use Reiki for yourself or others
  • Theory and history
  • Plenty of practice
  • Full manual
  • Certificate
  • After course support if required

After 21 days after the course we meet up again to go over any questions, practice, discuss the progress made and ensure you have everything you need to continue your Reiki journey.

We finish between 4.30pm and 5pm depending on how the day goes and numbers of attendees.

We are taking bookings for the next course in the Autumn, please get in contact to book your interest, thankyou.

Course investment £150 which includes full day plus, recap and practice after 21days, certificate and refreshments.  Please email to book in or call 07789 035528 for more information.

About Sally

Sally is passionate about all forms of energy healing and their benefits in balancing the body. As a Reiki Master and a Kinesiologist she has seen the benefits of using these techniques in enabling a holistic approach (mental, physical and emotional) to balancing the body so it can begin to heal itself.

She has been working with Reiki healing for more than 20 years and volunteers for the Fountain Centre giving Reiki to patients and their carers. Her expansive knowledge comes through with her teaching and her courses are full of wisdom, compassion and clarity.

She will be running Usui Reiki Courses at Beacon Hill where she also offers Reiki practitioners support through a monthly Reiki share.

Her background was teaching in secondary schools (in the classroom and children with learning difficulties) as well as having a strong pastoral role. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, reading and making quilts.

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