Crystal Workshop

Are you curious about crystals?

Have you found yourself drawn to them and would like to find out more?

This workshop will help you understand the science behind how they work, how to care for them and how to enjoy their energies.

This workshop will include:

·         Recent scientific research

·         Choosing a crystal

·         Cleansing your crystals

·         Charging crystals

·         Working with crystals

There is a lot to get through in a short time!  If you can’t make it or would be interested in a full day workshop please sign up to our newsletter and get in touch.

There will be some crystals for sale on the evening from £1 to £40, purchase is not necessary for workshop participation.  Do feel free to bring your own if you wish.

Fee £15 including handouts.

Maxine Crinall


Melody Crystal Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Healing Trust (NFSH) Spiritual Healer Adv, Bowen Technique Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator


Tel direct: 01252 246824 or 07930 882586