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As women, our womb is an extraordinary part of our body. Often sadly neglected, treated with contempt or thought of in a negative way. When we direct negative energy to ourselves we hurt. We wouldn't treat anyone else that way, why do it to ourselves? Misunderstanding and false beliefs have tainted and warped our point of view.

The womb is associated with our sacral chakra and holds the potential energy of creation. The creative aspect of the womb is not limited to reproduction, it is our centre for all our creative endeavours. So when we shun our womb space we damage our creative flow. Many physical problems can occur and dis-ease can fester when the energy in our womb, or in fact any part of our body, is not allowed to flow freely.

The beginning of healing starts with an action toward initiating change. Sacral healing begins with expressing your creative nature, through any medium.  However small that form of action takes - just do something.

You can begin today by owning your creative centre, how about;



Writing (and I don’t mean a to do list),


Making anything,



Craft work of any form,

Just do anything to unleash some creativity within and get the flow moving again. Set aside the time, you deserve to serve yourself first.

Physically our wombs take the brunt of emotional upset, along with our digestive system and lower back. These areas are all connected with ligaments and muscles. Holding tension from stressful situations impacts all three of these closely connected systems. This plays out in our periods, dark blood at the start or end, cramping, back pain, or bloating and digestive issues.

Energetically traumatic experiences can be associated within the womb area and cause a woman to total disconnect with her womb. She is numb to the area and pretends to herself that, treats it like a unimportant hassle, a part of herself that just is, rather than something special. So what can you do?

There are several things to begin the healing process;

Womb massage, by yourself or book a treatment.

Yoni steams. This is the ancient practice of steaming herbs in a pot and using the healing properties to cleanse, heal and restore the energetic balance to the vagina and womb space. Still used today in some cultures in Africa and South America.

Meditation/ Guided Visualisation to reconnect with your womb space.

You don't have to have a womb or be menstruating to begin the womb healing process. The energy is still alive within you even when the physical organs may have been removed or sleeping or finished their business.

If you would like to know more contact Sarah Rowe on 07841 823343.

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