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Carrying on Regardless

When the proverbial is hitting the fan as it does in life at times, we often find ourselves rushing round after other people and doing what needs to be done with little thought on how it is affecting our own emotions. And we carry on with life, things settle down and we carry the emotions under the surface. These unexpressed emotions can lead to depression, anxiety or develop into physical pain, which is why it is important to address them before they become a future issue.

We are taught not to cry, take a pill then keep calm and carry on. As humans we are emotional beings. The chemicals in our bodies respond to and produce emotions and vice versa, like a cycle of responses to what happens in our lives, what we eat, drink, our activity levels and our environment.

Managing our emotions is a very important part of looking after ourselves. There is a lot we can do when things are not going so well and also on a regular basis:

  • Crying – Some find it difficult, others are afraid to let the flood gates open in case they can’t stop. Crying is an important release of emotion and best viewed as a short term release. The privacy of the car, parked in a quiet spot can give the space and time you need. However if crying becomes prolonged it is important to seek help from family, friends, a therapist or your doctor.
  • Get walking out in nature. Exercise helps the chemicals balance and calm the nervous systems, releasing adrenaline produced by stress.
  • Notice how you are feeling and express yourself when you need to. Often we don’t notice there is an issue until it becomes a real problem.
  • Writing – Take some time out to write out all your emotions – anger, frustration, pain, grief or sadness, with all the F’s and B’s. Get it out onto paper. In doing so you are tapping into and releasing emotions held inside. Have a cry if you feel like it. Then burn (safely) or tear up the paper. Check in with how you are feeling. Be kind to yourself.
  • Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. When we are stressed our bodies use more B complex vitamins than usual so we need to ensure we are getting enough. If life is taking over multi-vitamin and mineral supplement might be an idea. Hydration is important for all our systems – often the first thing to go when we are preoccupied.
  • Book an appointment with a therapist.

In my practice I often see when the nervous system is released, adrenals relaxed or the structural body is realigned with Bowen, it allows the emotion held within the body to release. Clients find an hour dedicated to listening to them, feeling heard and soothed by the treatment is of great comfort to them. Often this prompts big shifts, allowing them to improve or change their lives.

Using a combination of the above, speaking to a member of your family or a friend, booking in with a physical or talking therapy can really help our emotional health, especially when the proverbial has hit the fan.

By Maxine Crinall

For more information about The Bowen Technique and how to book in with Mary Lou please go to The Bowen Technique | Seale Natural Health | Farnham, Surrey

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