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Bowen Technique – A Synopsis

The Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy is medicine of the future. Also described as the next generation of pain relief. The Bowen technique is a unique and unusual form of soft-tissue bodywork that is very effective in relaxing muscle tension and reducing the body’s stress levels.

After practicing as a Clinical Aromatherapist for four years I started to experience intense wrist pain and I developed a Ganglion. I needed to retrain and two people referred me to The Bowen Technique, I hadn’t heard of it at the time but I decided to give it a try. The therapist I went to see trained as her daughter had severe breathing problems and stopped breathing as she carried her into hospital. The Bowen Technique resolved her daughters issues. My own son had nearly died twice as a young child with bronchilitis and asthma. Two weeks later I began a year long course. My son had a series of treatments and brought up dark brown gunk that was at the bottom of his lungs. His health improved with Bowen and watching his diet, he has been asthma free for many years now. My ganglion disappeared after my tutor Bowened it. That was 13 years ago now and I still find this technique amazing having used Bowen to prevent numerous operations, straighten backs even prompt a new lease of life!

The Bowen Therapist assesses posture, muscle tone, alignments and areas of inflammation. Treatment is gentle, precise moves on specific areas of the body releasing fascia. The Bowen Technique works through releasing the fascia, our connective tissue which holds us together. This tissue knots up through injury or tension affecting our muscles, ligaments, tendons and even our internal organs. Nerves are also interlinked with this system, when the fascia is released; tension is reduced aiding pain relief. It calms the parasympathetic nervous system so treatment can be very relaxing. Procedures are interspersed with short periods of rest while the fascia unwinds and the body responds. For further details

When your car engine is misfiring, you take it in for a service. If your vision is a getting blurry, you go to the Opticians. You have a leak in your roof, you call in a roofer. But what can you do when your body is showing signs of wear and tear and needs resetting? The Bowen Technique can help the body to restore its natural balance, however you do not need to be sick or in pain to benefit from Bowen therapy.

The Bowen Technique was devised by Tom Bowen, born in England but developed this technique in Geelong, Australia in the 1950s. After serving in World War II, Tom Bowen became interested in new ways of alleviating human suffering. He wanted to help his wife who was asthmatic. He observed local manual therapists and studied various text books. He developed an ability to see where imbalances were present in people and be able to alleviate those imbalances with specific light movements on the body. At his busiest he was found to be treating 13,000 people a year.

Six people observed Tom Bowen in his clinic. One of these men, Ossie Rentsch began teaching in 1986 and took the technique worldwide. It is now one of the fastest growing therapies in Europe.

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Due to the nature of Bowen, it is suitable for all ages and can help a wide variety of issues:

  • Musculo-skeletal – back pain, neck, Joint pain, elbow, knee, wrist pain, sciatic, whiplash, TMJ (jaw), sports injuries, pelvic misalignment, arthritis, tendonitis
  • Respiratory – asthma, sinus problems, hayfever
  • Digestive – IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, crohns, acid reflux
  • Hormonal – PMS, menopause, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, thyroid imbalance
  • Chronic – Migraines, Fibromyalgia, ME, MS, Parkinsons
  • Pregnancy – Back pain, morning sickness, cramping, depression, pubic symphysis, birth preparation
  • Babies – colic, sleep issues, hip dysplasia, restlessness
  • Disability support – stroke, bells palsy, arthritis
  • Benefiting – Stress, anxiety, posture, flexibility, energy levels, sleep, immune system

A few testimonies:

“I had constant severe throbbing lower back pain for over five years. Normal daily activities I found difficult such as lying on my back, sleeping, and standing for any length of time. I now have my life back! After living with severe lower back pain I now live a normal life and do all my own housework, gardening etc and the consequent depression has lifted. I was living like an invalid but Bowen truly enabled me to live a pain-free, fulfilling lifestyle.” H.G.S. Surbiton, Surrey Lower Back Pain

“I was suffering with IBS symptoms and had just had an endoscopy. After having just one Bowen treatment my symptoms went completely, I’m amazed!” M.J. Carshalton IBS

By Maxine Crinall.

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