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Spring Time Foraging

Spring is a wonderful time of the year with new growth and the promise of the Summer to come. Stinging Nettles We may not be able to do much at the moment with the lockdown but we can get out there and for some fresh, nutritious wild produce.  Foraging is a wonderful way of connecting…

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Lower Stress Levels with Meditation

More and more people are recognising the benefits of Meditation and how it can help lower stress levels and improve our quality of life. In today’s society, life has been a constant roller coaster of being on the go all the time. Demands of work, bringing up children, caring for others, the internet and social…

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Crisis Coping Mechanisms

Imogen Wall has written the post I planned to write, although she has done it better than I could have so I have decided to post her content, all credit to her off course.  What I would add is the calming method she describes is a scientifically proven (Summer 2019) method of calming the nervous…

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Quick and Easy Immune Support

With the news of the Corona Virus coming to the UK and the disproportionate levels of colds, flu, pneumonia etc. it is more important than ever before to look after our immune system, so here are some quick and easy immune support tips. For our immune system to function on a daily basis we need…

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Where does Reflexology come from and what is it? Q&As

Where does Reflexology come from and what is it? Reflexology traces its roots back to ancient Egypt, but was only introduced in the West in the early 20th century. It is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different…

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Are you Sabotaging your Diet? Anti-vitamins – What you need to know

With the news this week of a 17-year-old teenager going deaf and blind due to nutritional deficiencies there has been a lot of discussions about diet and nutrients. Since primary school this boy has consumed only chips, crisps, white bread and occasionally ham and sausages. He is deficient in many vitamins and minerals, initially his…

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Are you hydrated enough?

Do you experience: Afternoon energy drop around 3-4pm Headaches or migraines Digestive issues Dull skin or spots Respiratory issues Frequent thirst or no thirst at all Reoccurring cystitis Frequent colds? Human beings are on average 50 to 75% water – two thirds of the total body weight. All the systems of the body need water…

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Who Comes For Reflexology?

Every client is unique just like every pair of feet are unique, they both have a story to tell. As a reflexologist I aim to work alongside mainstream medicine to promote better health for my clients, below are a few common issues clients come to see me for.    Reflexology for Stress and Anxiety  …

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Swedish Massage

Here is a round up from the talk on Swedish Massage; its history, what the treatment involves and its benefits. The brief history of Swedish Massage From the earliest people, humans have understood that applying pressure prevents pain. We instinctively rub physical hurts better. We also naturally use touch to soothe and re assure emotional…

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