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Are you Sabotaging your Diet? Anti-vitamins – What you need to know

With the news this week of a 17-year-old teenager going deaf and blind due to nutritional deficiencies there has been a lot of discussions about diet and nutrients. Since primary school this boy has consumed only chips, crisps, white bread and occasionally ham and sausages. He is deficient in many vitamins and minerals, initially his…

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Are you hydrated enough?

Do you experience: Afternoon energy drop around 3-4pm Headaches or migraines Digestive issues Dull skin or spots Respiratory issues Frequent thirst or no thirst at all Reoccurring cystitis Frequent colds? Human beings are on average 50 to 75% water – two thirds of the total body weight. All the systems of the body need water…

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Who Comes For Reflexology?

Every client is unique just like every pair of feet are unique, they both have a story to tell. As a reflexologist I aim to work alongside mainstream medicine to promote better health for my clients, below are a few common issues clients come to see me for.    Reflexology for Stress and Anxiety  …

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Swedish Massage

Here is a round up from the talk on Swedish Massage; its history, what the treatment involves and its benefits. The brief history of Swedish Massage From the earliest people, humans have understood that applying pressure prevents pain. We instinctively rub physical hurts better. We also naturally use touch to soothe and re assure emotional…

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Improving your posture

We all spend so much time on computers, laptops, ipads, phones etc. these days it is hardly surprising that there are more and more people are seeking help for their back, neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist pains. Did you know the head can weigh up to 42lbs? If the head is held in a forward…

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How to strengthen your lower legs & feet

For lower back, hip, knee, calf, ankle or foot pain. Problems with the feet and ankles can cause issues with the knees, hips or lower back pain, so taking care of them is important especially if you are particularly active or have had an injury.    In my early 20s I broke my ankle awkwardly.  I…

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Introducing Scar Tissue Release

A few months ago I undertook the Scar Tissue Release Technique training from Alistair McGloughlin –  Bowen Tutor and have been amazed by the results. Scars interrupt normal functioning of the body.  Whether through accident or surgery they interrupt the normal function of the fascia system and may lead to problems such as muscular skeletal pain…

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Why Every Woman Would Benefit From Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage is not just for women who are experiencing fertility problems – it is a massage for EVERY woman. In essence, it is a Womb-an’s massage treatment. A healing way to reconnect with our womb space, whether or not the actual womb is present. Fertility Massage treatment uses a unique combination of techniques to; improve…

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Are your Hormones controlling you?

Our hormones can be very difficult to keep in balance through all stages of life. Women have to contend with the reproductive hormonal process throughout their lives while men can also have problems with hormonal imbalances with little treatment available through the usual channels. Our Hormonal System The Endocrine system is a group of glands…

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