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Are you hydrated enough?

Do you experience: Afternoon energy drop around 3-4pm Headaches or migraines Digestive issues Dull skin or spots Respiratory issues Frequent thirst or no thirst at all Reoccurring cystitis Frequent colds? Human beings are on average 50 to 75% water – two thirds of the total body weight. All the systems of the body need water…

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Improving your posture

We all spend so much time on computers, laptops, ipads, phones etc. these days it is hardly surprising that there are more and more people are seeking help for their back, neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist pains. Did you know the head can weigh up to 42lbs? If the head is held in a forward…

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How to strengthen your lower legs & feet

For lower back, hip, knee, calf, ankle or foot pain. Problems with the feet and ankles can cause issues with the knees, hips or lower back pain, so taking care of them is important especially if you are particularly active or have had an injury.    In my early 20s I broke my ankle awkwardly.  I…

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Dairy – Are You Intolerant?

An allergy can be easy to spot with immediate reactions but an intolerance can be harder to realise as the symptoms can be apparent 30 minutes to two days of eating dairy, while some reactions can run concurrently. Some may be able to tolerate a small amount, say in tea for example, but symptoms appear…

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Bowen Technique – A Synopsis

The Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy is medicine of the future. Also described as the next generation of pain relief. The Bowen technique is a unique and unusual form of soft-tissue bodywork that is very effective in relaxing muscle tension and reducing the body’s stress levels. After practicing as a Clinical Aromatherapist for four years…

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Could your jaw be the cause of your pain?

The jaw joint is also known as the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and is located where the cheek bone and lower jaw come together. The joint has a disc separating the two bones which is moved by muscle and elastic connective tissue much like a rubber band. The disc can become displaced causing problems with movement…

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When does stress become a problem?

We all joke about a stressful day, we take it our stride, and we keep calm and carry on but when do we stop and think about how stressed we have been and for how long? Stress to a certain degree is useful, it makes us get things done and achieve what we set out…

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Are you ignoring your back pain?

Do you rely on pain killers for your back pain to get you through the day? Do you put up with it hoping it will just go away? If your body is out of alignment chances are it will not go away and could get worse or present with other symptoms later on. Body Alignment…

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Carrying on Regardless

When the proverbial is hitting the fan as it does in life at times, we often find ourselves rushing round after other people and doing what needs to be done with little thought on how it is affecting our own emotions. And we carry on with life, things settle down and we carry the emotions…

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