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Are you ignoring your back pain?


Do you rely on pain killers for your back pain to get you through the day? Do you put up with it hoping it will just go away? If your body is out of alignment chances are it will not go away and could get worse or present with other symptoms later on.

Body Alignment

The position of your pelvis and sacrum has a direct effect on how your knees, ankles and feet function in movement, causing pain and dysfunction in those areas, the lower, mid and upper back. Often in relation to this misalignment one or both shoulders are affected, there may be neck pain and more often than not the jaw joints (TMJ) are weak or out of alignment. If you imagine the body as a series of lines at these points – much like the diagram, you can see how one affects the other.


Realigning without pain or strain

The good news is that the body can be realigned effectively and gently through releasing the fascia with The Bowen Technique. The body is assessed for posture and alignment to identify areas of dysfunction. A treatment plan is noted although this may change as the body adjusts throughout treatment.

Bowen treatment is quite unlike any other therapy, cracking or forceful manipulation is not required to achieve powerful results. In fact we ensure the body is as relaxed as possible so release through the muscles and nerves (which run through the fascia system) can take place. Every session is different and bespoke to the individual needs but generally we have a full body balance protocol and many procedures that address various areas of the body. The number of sessions required varies according to the individual case although the sum of treatments is often much less than other modalities. Three sessions - one every week are recommended and are reviewed on the third session, often that is all that is needed, some cases may need more – especially if there is more than one condition present. Others may find one session is all they need.


Our bodies are held together by fascia – a web like structure that surrounds and goes through our muscles, ligaments and tendons. It also surrounds our internal organs and our skeleton. Scientific research has discovered in recent years that injury and strain is held in the fascia and it is fascia that needs to be released in order to relieve pain.

Here are some lovely comments on what my clients have to say about The Bowen Technique for back pain:

"It is a lovely centre that's just been refurbished and the treatment rooms are quiet and calm. Bowen treatment has really helped my back and after two treatments I have been able to increase my fitness and my pain has been significantly reduced. I have tried various other therapies and hospital treatments but for me it has been Bowen technique that has been the most effective." J.K. Farnham, Back Pain

“I just want to tell you that your Bowen treatments have made a huge improvement to my back. I went to the theatre the other night and I did not have any pain in my back during the whole evening. For many years I have experienced pain just by sitting in the chairs in the cinema or the theatre, thank you." E.B. Esher, Back Pain

“I had had constant severe throbbing lower back pain for over five years. Normal daily activities I found difficult such as lying on my back, sleeping, and standing for any length of time. I now have my life back! After living with severe lower back pain I now live a normal life and do all my own housework, gardening etc. The consequent depression has lifted. I was living like an invalid but The Bowen Technique truly enabled me to live a pain-free, fulfilling lifestyle.” H.G.S. Surbiton, Lower Back Pain


For more information about The Bowen Technique and how to book in with Mary Lou please go to The Bowen Technique | Seale Natural Health | Farnham, Surrey

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