Working with disability

I’ve been working with complementary therapies since 1999 and in 2009 I was given the opportunity to work at a care home for adults with learning difficulties and multiple disabilities. It was like switching the light on, I felt as if I’d arrived at something really special, a place I could really make a difference to someone’s wellbeing. I’ve always enjoyed using therapies to ease people’s aches, pains, stresses and strains but with these clients it felt like I was doing so much more. Perhaps it was due to their lack of verbal communication and the need to rely on other types of reading a person such as body language, facial expressions, responses to my voice and changes in mood. The impact of these 30 minute sessions were clear to see as their emotional states changed and for those that were able to smile, did. These moments were priceless, adding something wonderful to my day and something beneficial and enjoyable to theirs. 

On a physical level as part of my holistic approach (meaning to see the whole person physically, emotionally, spiritually) two of these clients had skin conditions which improved with the use of Aromatherapy oils; all of the residents had slow digestive systems and by giving Reflexology to the feet, this stimulated the digestive tract and the results spoke for themselves. 

At Christmas 2010 I moved to Hampshire and started working part-time as a PA for Iain Speed who runs All Inclusive CIC a disability awareness training company. Iain was born with cerebral palsy and enjoys two specific treatments, Indian head massage which helps relieve his aching tight neck/shoulder muscles and Reiki healing (a non-invasive therapy using energy transferred through the hands) this helps with his balance and has been seen to curtail his 24x7 muscle spasms, he tells me he has some level of discomfort most of the time and “likes a change from painkillers.” 

I also work at care homes giving treatment to residents with dementia. What touches me about the people I’ve met with this illness is that each one has had a full life which I hold a very deep sense of respect for. I’ve had some wonderful experiences since I started offering this service but one that stands out to me is meeting one particular lady who was in constant distress, she always held her hands out to staff or anybody she saw walking by, her body all contorted whilst looking bewildered and confused. I would give her a very gentle Aromatherapy hand massage. The first time I did this for her she held my hand back and slowly calmed down, relaxing her tense body, looking directly into my eyes until she drifted off to sleep. She stirred when I finished and kissed the back of my hand. This lady’s daughter happened to be visiting whilst I was there and was happy to see her dear Mother so peaceful, where the complete opposite had become the norm. 

When I meet a client with a disability I need to know from them or their carer about their condition and understand what they want to achieve. I then give a tailor-made treatment concentrating on their concerns and working around their disability.

 Adaptable therapies offered:

 • Aromatherapy massage

Holistic massage  

Indian head massage 


Reiki healing 

Working in the East Hants/West Surrey area I provide my disability service for people at their homes as well as residential/care homes. 

I’m also available for the same treatments for able-bodied people. For more information please contact me or visit my website, in particular my Disability Treatments page demonstrating some of my hands-on experience. 

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