Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage works on the soft tissues of the body, using a variety of strokes and pressures to increase blood flow around the body. This stimulates your body’s natural repair systems to heal damaged tissues, remove toxins built up and restore the body to health.

Another main benefit gained through Swedish massage is the reduction of stress. We’ve allSwedish Massage Farnham heard how bad stress is for you on a daily basis (high blood pressure, obesity, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, heart and lung problems etc) but primarily these unwanted effects occur if you don’t deal with your stress levels and let them accumulate in the body. Without an outlet to return the body back to ‘normal’ the high stress hormones levels can lead to a variety of unpleasant health problems; physical, mental and emotional.

Offsetting the stress through massage works by stimulating the body’s own relaxation responses, firstly by setting aside an hour for a massage means you have to physically stop, lie down and shut your eyes and immediately you reduce the stimuli you are absorbing. By taking long slow deep breaths and inhaling the calming Neals Yard essential oil blend, you are letting your parasympathetic nerves get to work in reversing the stress process. The massage techniques allow the body to let go of the cortisol held in the muscles. The lymphatic system is cleared and any potential illness through burnout/ run down is dealt with and removed, leaving you feeling calmer, more in control to deal with stressful situations without fear of health concerns.

The massage techniques will be adapted to your unique issue and each massage is at a pressure suitable for you whether you have;

  • shoulder tension,
  • neck pain,
  • back ache,
  • swollen ankles,
  • reduction in mobility in arms, legs or neck
  • headaches

Swedish Massage is also very effective for;

  • anxiety/overwhelm by relaxing the mind and body
  • depression by creating a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem
  • promotes positive body awareness and improved body image through relaxation
  • easing emotional trauma through relaxation

As with any healing modality, any ill-health usually did not appear in one day and cannot be removed in one session but with regular treatments the body can make extraordinary progress through receiving weekly session for a 4 to 6 week period.

Single Treatments available for 45mins, 60mins or 90mins

Buy 5 sessions and get 6th FREE, see website for more information.

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Swedish Massage

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