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This therapy is a combination of Aromatherapy and Reflexology which has its roots in ancient health philosophies where the whole of the body and its organs are reflected in the feet, with the right foot reflecting the right side of the body and the left foot reflecting the left side. With the addition of essential oils extra attention can be given to specific and general problems through the oils and their unique properties. It’s like having two treatments in one.

When the reflexes in the feet are stimulated, circulation is improved and the lymphatic system is stimulated to promote general good health and relief from many different symptoms. The essential oils also help in this way but from more of an internal approached as they will have reached every single cell of the body within 20 minutes of application.

This therapy benefits people of all ages and depending on the length of time of an existing condition, a course of four to six treatments might be recommended, however to receive this therapy on a more regular basis is very good as it’s like having an MOT for the body to help maintain health and well-being., an excellent way to stay on top of any existing conditions. 

Fee: £50 one hour session

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