Pre-conception Nutrition

Pre-conceptual Care……It Matters! Pre-conception Nutrition

  One of the many reasons for pre-conception detox is that it could help provide a ‘healthier environment’ in which to fall pregnant but also it may help to reduce morning sickness. Some suggest morning sickness is the body’s way of protecting the growing baby from potentially harmful toxins, particularly in the first trimester when the fetus is most vulnerable. Hormonal imbalance may also exacerbate morning sickness.  No one has the definite answer as to why one person has morning sickness and the next person sails through pregnancy without any issues. However Sarah can work with you before you fall pregnant in order to promote a healthier well-being, which in turn may help the process in falling pregnant. This could also help create a healthier environment in which your baby can grow.

Depending on lifestyle and overall level of health, Sarah generally suggests a 6 to 12 week pre-conception detox period, before attempting natural conception or any form of Assisted Reproduction. What does it mean by detox? It certainly does not mean you need to travel to a retreat or spend hundreds of pounds on many of the “cleansing kits” you may have seen on the market. In fact the more seamlessly you can incorporate cleansing or a healthier way of living into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine, the more likely it becomes a lifelong habit. 

Taking steps toward gradually strengthening the organs of digestion and elimination before attempting a pre-conception detox is really important. Sarah believes that getting the digestion right, is important for steps towards good health, under any health circumstances. If we assault the organs of elimination (liver, bowel, kidneys) without strengthening them first, they may not be able to handle the heavy workload and we’ll end up doing more harm than good. 

Sarah Wragg Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons), NLP Practitioner

Registered CHNC, BANT, Royal Society of Medicine