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My introduction to complementary therapies was through Reiki Healing which I started working with in 1999 as part of my own personal development. With my interest caught I signed up for an Anatomy and Physiology course the following year which led on to Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian head massage, Hot Stones therapy, Ear Candling and Facials.  Life Alignment training began in 2001 and was quite different to the hands-on treatments with it dealing in the blocks that can hold us back in life. Crystal healing, Reiki teaching along with Angelic Reiki and Shamanic healing also followed.

Feeling such a strong calling to healing and helping others, holistic therapies is perfect for me. I love seeing the transformation of a client between arrival and departure, total job satisfaction with them feeling better. I want to ensure as a client you feel acknowledged, accepted and understood.  My intention is to be fully present for you, you'll be my total focus of attention.  If you're comfortable then you can relax, if you like your massage 'light' or 'firm' that's how it will be given, if you want to talk and be heard then I'll be quiet and listen.

The most recent change to my practice has been the discovery of some amazing essential oils. As a qualified Aromatherapist since 2001, I have always loved working with oils. I instantly noticed how different dōTERRA’s essential oils were when I was introduced to them in December 2014 when I was using their Frankincense to help with my own health problems; they look, smell and feel different to any I’ve seen before. They’ve added a new dimension to my treatments bringing about potential for deeper and faster healing; I’ve seen some amazing results with my own eyes. I really do see them as an “upgrade” for my work bringing in a new way of working. I only give my clients what I consider to be the best of the best!

As an Energy healer, Holistic therapist and Reiki Teacher I give treatments and training to assist others in self-healing and transformation through hands-on treatments, energy work and the use of essential oils. I understand how it is to feel unwell, live with pain and feel disconnected, so many of us travel this road, my own journey helps me to help others. I deeply care about people and love to make a difference showing ways to revive, restore and reconnect. I love to share my therapies; my work, being of service and helping others to find ways to support their body coming back to a place of balance and ease.

Come and join me in the journey to wellness….

Victoria Page

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Victoria Page


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