Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing and nurturing therapy. The first session is used to find out your required outcome and explore the current symptoms, past history, triggers and causes. A script is then written for you which will be delivered to you during the next session after you have been guided into a deep state of relaxation.Hypnotherapy

When you are relaxed and you move into your Alpha or Theta states your subconscious becomes more accessible and open to new positive suggestions and changes. Between your conscious and sub conscious is your conscious critical faculty and it’s this area of your brain that makes those split second decisions as to how you should respond or behave. The CCF makes this decision from all of your stored memories but it will take the easiest option. That’s why even if you want to consciously change a habit or behaviour you find that you keep making the same old decisions over and over again. During Hypnosis your CCF is bypassed and it allows new positive wanted options to be replaced and used.

Hypnotherapy is used for the following:

· Fertility Support - Supporting ladies who are struggling to get pregnant or going through IVF treatment. Helps to promote a positive healthy mind set and helps you to feel back in control, calm and grounded. Number of sessions can vary depending on the individual’s circumstances.

· Stress and Anxiety – Helps you to relax, replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and equips you with tools and strategies to move forward. Usually takes around 6 – 10 sessions depending on the severity.

· Unwanted Habits – whether this be biting your nails, hair pulling or something else, Hypnotherapy can replace the unwanted habit with a positive one. Usually takes about 3 – 4 sessions.

· Fears and Phobias – From snakes to planes, Hypnotherapy can look at the initial event and reframe it and change it into a situation that is no longer feared. Usually takes about 2 – 4 sessions.

· Weight Loss – Helps you to understand what you really want and why. Why and when you eat and what strategies you can adopt to move forward. Once this has been identified a script is written and delivered to help you grow in confidence and to change your destructive eating habits and replace with a positive healthy lifestyle. Usually takes around 4 – 6 sessions but all depends on the amount of weight to be lost and the reasons for the overeating behaviours.

· Smoking Cessation – a one off session that removes the addiction for good.

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