Equinox at Avebury

Sat, 23 September, 20179:00 AM

Avebury is a World Heritage Site, the largest stone circle in the world and includes three circles. Avebury is a very powerful place, steeped in energy due to its placement within two leylines – energy currents in the earth. At the Autumn equinox the day and night hour are equal and abundance is traditionally celebrated. There is so much to this wonderful place it is a joy to share it with others.

There are four main sections to the tour:

  • The Sanctuary – The Mary and Michael leylines meet here.
  • West Kennet Long Burrow – A Neolithic tomb built 400 years before Stonehenge, on the Mary leyline
  • The Stone Circle – Another cross over of the Michael and Mary leylines
  • West Kennet Stone Avenue

Equinox at Avebury

Original layout of Avebury, the outer circle contained 101 stones

  • 9am - We meet at The Sanctuary on the A4, Avebury SN8 4EY, there is a car park opposite.  Here we will do a meditation.
  • From there we will each drive to the West Kennet Long Burrow SN8 1QH, just up the road. We park in the layby and walk up the hill to the Burrow. We experience the energies here with a crystal bowl sound bath.
  • Then we drive into Avebury village and park at the National Trust car park (all day free to members - £5 non-members) Meet at the National Trust hut. From here we will walk to the Stones and The Avenue. We will tune into the different energies of the various stones and walk the Avenue in silent meditation.

The tour ends around lunchtime when we can eat together or go our separate ways. TheWest Kennet Long Burrow Red Lion does wonderful food and the National Trust Circle Cafe serves lovely sandwiches. Do let me know if you would like to have lunch together in the Red Lion as it can get very busy so it may be best to book a large table. Do visit the Henge Shop which is an absolute delight!

I have visited Avebury many times over the years and each time I have a new experience. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing place not too far away and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Fee £35 Please go to Seale Natural Health Homepage to book in, scroll past the Therapy Talk pictures to the add to cart button. 

AveburyAvebury Village

Avebury Sanctuary