Energy Medicine Workshop

Mon, 24 April, 20177:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Do you find you are really affected by other people’s moods? Do you find it difficult being around certain people? Find it hard to relax or switch off? Or do you sometimes feel out of sorts?

Many people feel one or more of the above so you are not alone. The good news there is plenty you can do to help yourself feel more centered, more in control of your emotional well being and general health by using energy medicine.

This workshop will include theory and practical exercises:

  • Tips on improving your energy
  • How your environment and people affect your energy system and emotions
  • Techniques to help relaxation such as breathing exercises, guided meditation
  • Shielding your field and the importance of grounding
  • Feel your own and others energy

Suitable for those new to this work or a useful reminder for therapists and meditators

Fee £12 including handouts. To book in please click on the link below

Maxine Crinall

Tel direct: 07930 882586