Discover Dowsing Workshop

Sun, 1 July, 201810:00 AM - 1:00 PM

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to dowse with a pendulum and with dowsing rods.  For centuries dowsing has been used to find water, minerals and answers, in fact it is still used professionally by water companies.  Dowsing can be a very useful tool in helping with answers to the little decisions in daily life.  We will work on improving your energies, the energies in your living space and the surrounding land. 

In this workshop we will learn:

  • How dowsing works
  • Cleansing and charging your crystal pendulum
  • How to assess and balance your chakras
  • Sensing the Aura with rods
  • Finding Leylines and other energy lines
  • Dowsing your land
  • Dowsing your house

We are very fortunate to have heart energy lines running through the centre and a Leyline through the church grounds next door, a perfect environment to use the dowsing rods.

There will be crystal pendulums available for sale on the day for around £10 to £14, if you would like one please let us know so we have enough to go round.  Also please being a rough drawing of the outline of your house and rooms, one for each floor.  This is for your dowsing use only.

Fee £25 includes laminated dowsing charts and manual - please bring a pencil if you would like to make notes in the manual.

Early booking is advised as places are limited

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