Chakra Photography Evening

Wed, 27 June, 20187:30 PM - 9:30 PM

We are teaming up with Hayley and her chakra reading video station to show you how your chakras are functioning before and after meditation.  Numbers are limited so if you do not get a ticket please email to go on the waiting list as we may repeat this event in the future.

Your chakras will be photographed in the first part of the evening, we will then do a chakra meditation and your chakras will be photographed again to see the benefits meditation has on your energy system.  A 22 page report with the images will be emailed to you after the event.

'My Aura Video Station allows me to see and show my beautiful clients their amazing Auras and how their Chakras are functioning. The technology uses a simple hand bio-sensor that measures your ‘live electro-dermal activity’. The data is then digitally analysed and correlated to a specific emotional-energy state that is displayed as a vibrant live and colourful Aura image.  We can see if your Chakras are balanced, over energised or under energised and also interpret what is coming into and out of your personal energy field. Hayley x'

Ticket £25

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