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Chakras are energy centres in the body which apart from having energy flowing through them are directly linked to our mental, physical and spiritual attributes. When a chakra becomes "blocked" by being what we refer to as underactive or overactive our being as a whole doesn't balance, this can potentially lead to illness and/or emotional blocks which can create an unhealthy environment for us. By understanding what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely, you can achieve an optimal quality of harmony for yourself and those around you.
 It is important for our bodies to be kept healthy and functioning well and is a complex exercise in itself. This is referred to as homeostasis where all the chemicals, processes of our body and hormones are kept in harmony with each other. In exactly the same way it is better for us that our chakras are also in balance. If a chakra or any aspect of our energy system is out of balance, it can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, mental, as well as spiritual health. When things are "out of balance" we may become more accident-prone or find we’re prone to illness, or perhaps find ourselves feeling anywhere between unfulfilled to chaotic or just plain unhappy.
 Our chakras don't have to all be perfectly and completely balanced all the time; these are energy centres that fluctuate all the time as we engage with others and our environment where everything effects everything else. For some of us, at least one or more chakra may be "stronger" than the others; this is normal. It's if a chakra is significantly out of alignment, that we wouldn't want to remain in that state. Some people are aware of their chakras and other's may not even have heard of them so it makes an interesting journey to take a look and find out more.
There are many ways we can balance our chakra’s such as Reiki healing, sound healing, meditation, and chanting; the treatment I'm offering utilises the “magic” of nature’s gifts in the form of essential oils which are applied to the chakras along the spine up to the crown to bring balance and harmony. An AromaTouch Foot Technique session will complete the session to "ground" you whilst working on the chakra reflex points of the foot. Sometimes it might be appropriate to offer the treatment as more of an energy-healing style treatment by working off the body in your energy field. The best way forward for a session will be discussed.

You will be given a sample size of your personal chakra blend that's been created for your balancing session which you can continue to use at home.

Fee: £50 one hour session

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