The Power of The Mind

I’ve always been interested in people and what makes them tick. During the years, I’ve studied aspects of psychology, worked in consumer behaviour - identifying people's core beliefs, behaviours and motivations. As a therapist, I’ve seen how old, outdated beliefs have held people back and stopped them achieving their dreams of happiness and aspiration. Conversely, I’ve witnessed how a change in focus and a strong inner belief can spur someone on to climb the highest of metaphorical mountains. The mind is truly phenomenal and powerful. The trouble is, that accessing the power of the unconscious mind is attainable, but our chattering, deflecting conscious mind often gets in the way.  Ever tried to reflect or meditate deeply, only to focus on the trivial, such as your supermarket shopping list and you’ll know exactly what I mean?!  In some cases this deflection can hold us back, especially if we need to bring about permanent and lasting positive change.

Actually this is where hypnosis comes into its own.  Hypnosis enables one to communicate directly with the unconscious mind. This can be really useful for a number of reasons. For instance, if you’ve ever felt blocked when trying to pursue a goal and not been able to understand what exactly is stopping you, then hypnosis can help identify covert underlying beliefs and experiences. In fact, a past event or comment might be seemingly trivial, yet have a deep and profound effect. For example, when trying to lose weight, a chance comment such as ‘its better to carry a few pounds extra for safety’ made twenty years ago could have a lasting and permanent affect.  Similarly an underlying belief, such as ‘I’m not good enough….’ could seriously affect your chances of maintaining a lasting relationship with the right partner or of finding the job of your dreams.  Unresolved emotions such as anger can play a part too if stored deep in your memory.  

Guided by a skillful practitioner, hypnosis can uncover and resolve such issues - whether previous experiences, outdated beliefs or unresolved emotions.  During the hypnotherapy sessions, these issues can be identified, healed and more appropriate, useful beliefs installed.  Such subtle changes can really help you to achieve your goals and where appropriate, address old self-limiting beliefs. So whether you are trying to find emotional balance, rid yourself of an old habit, behaviour or belief, or set your sights on a desired goal, hypnotherapy can help you.

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