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A converted farm building in an area of outstanding natural beauty just off the Hoggs Back near Farnham, Seale Natural Health is a complementary therapy centre and an education centre.  We offer therapies, talks, workshops, courses and meditation groups.  Our therapies include Aromatherapy, Bowen Technique, Crystal Healing, Fertility Massage,  Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and more.

Our therapists have been carefully selected for their extensive knowledge in their therapy.  Qualified to high standards, registered and insured, each therapist create a bespoke session for each person according to their individual needs. Please see our therapies page for more information.

We hold monthly talks/workshops to educate and inspire.  Our Meditation group on Wednesday evenings explores silent meditation, visualisations, chakra work and more.  Suitable for beginners or those more experienced.  For those who would like to move forward on their spiritual path we have Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki courses.  See our Events page for further details of all these events. For further information please call us on 01252 246824.

To find us please see our contact us page.  Please call us to discuss disability access options.


MASSAGEATHON with other TherapiesMassageathon Red Nose Day

We raised an amazing £575!!

Thankyou to all those who came and all those who helped make the day fabulous

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    Dairy - Are You Intolerant?

    Do you have diarrhoea or loose stools, bloating and gas, nausea and/or vomiting, noises or pain in the lower abdomen, irritable bowel, cough or asthma?  You could be intolerant to dairy.  What symptoms to look for, help with going dairy free and what you can do about improving your health.    Read More...

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    Frankincense - King of Oils

    Historically pure frankincense was treasured by the ancients and considered to be worth its weight in gold and amongst the highest valued currency traded throughout the Middle East. Its held value was so immense that the high priests of Israel would burn it as a most precious sacrifice to God. It is highly versatile in its uses and benefits, and results have been proven over thousands of years of application along with more recent research.  Read More...

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    Hormone Release – The Bowen Way

    In modern society there are more factors that disrupt hormones than ever before. From the environment such as pesticides, chemicals in the home, poor nutrition and stressful lifestyles, our hormonal systems have a lot to contend with.  Read More...

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    Are your Hormones controlling you?

    Our hormones can be very difficult to keep in balance through all stages of life. Women have to contend with the reproductive hormonal process throughout their lives while men can also have problems with hormonal imbalances with little treatment available through the usual channels.  Read More...

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Our Events

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    Stress, Hormones & Essential Oils
    Sat, 13 May, 201711:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    Something that a lot of us ladies can relate to, that state of feeling stressed and hormonal! Did you know if you are feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, you could consider essential oils as an option to help you find some peace and balance? Come along to our class to find out more about which oils to use and how to use them to help balance those 'stressy' times. 

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    Essential Oils for Concentration & the Workplace
    Mon, 15 May, 20177:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    Essential oils are great for using in the workplace, if you chose an appropriate essential oil, and use it safely. Oils can help to stimulate socialisation, cleanse the environment, uplift mood, and give focus and clarity to stressful situations.

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    Skincare and Essential Oils
    Mon, 5 June, 20177:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    Are you an avid DIY'er? Do you love skincare products but don't like the toxic chemicals they contain? Come along to this event and learn how to makeover your everyday products with easy recipes to take home and make, using natural, safe ingredients found in your local supermarket or health food store along with essential oils 

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    Therapy Talk
    Mon, 12 June, 20177:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    Are you curious about a particular therapy? Are you unsure which one is right for you? Do you know someone who may benefit from therapy who would like to learn more? All of the Therapists here at Seale Natural Health will be talking about their therapy and what is involved in a session.

Meditation Evenings

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    Meditation Evening
    Wed, 3 May, 20177:30 PM - 9:00 PM

    We warmly welcome you to our meditation group. We meet every Wednesday evening to experience various methods of meditation from guided meditation, silent meditation, chakra work, visualisations, mindfulness and more to help you release tension and stress, bringing a sense of calm into your life. 

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    Reiki Share
    Mon, 8 May, 20177:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    If you would like to join other Reiki people to give and receive Reiki in a safe and supportive environment, come along and join my sharing group.  It’s a way for Reiki healers to practice on one another, to hone our skills and receive healing ourselves – we need it too!

Please Note: Complementary therapy is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment, being complementary, therapy works alongside your medical treatment.

We recommend you consult your own doctor or professional healthcare provider about any health concerns you may have.